Lecture for UNDP - Governance and Justice for Development Sector:
Title: "Artificial Intelligence - Practical Applications for Your Day-to-Day" 
Description: This lecture was aimed at professionals in the governance and justice sector, highlighting how AI can be used to improve efficiency and effectiveness in their daily operations. 

Training for UNDP - Program Area:
Title: "Use of ChatGpt and AIs: Hybrid Session on Introduction and Applied Uses"
 Description: An intensive training focused on introducing Chat GPT and other AIs, providing practical tips and insights on how these tools can be applied in the UNDP context. ​​​​​​​
Lecture for Settegraal Comunicação: 
Title: "How to Integrate Artificial Intelligence into Our Daily Lives" 
Description: A comprehensive discussion on integrating AI into our daily lives, focusing on how businesses and individuals can benefit from its applications. 
Book / Quick Guide:
Title: "Chat GPT 4.0 - Aprenda sem Enrolação"
Description: A practical and straight-to-the-point guide on Chat GPT 4.0, available for purchase on Amazon.​​​​​​​
As a user since its first version, I have closely followed the evolution of Midjorney, exploring its features and applying it in various projects. At the moment, I have more than 13.000 images generated with it.
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